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I am Niall, from Dublin (hear my accent here), but living in Sacramento now (after 3 years in Boston and 20 or so in New Hampshire). I am an unabashed grown up sixties man. My main avocation is playing the bodhran (pronounced bowrawn), a hand held frame drum used to accompany traditional Irish music and which is often called the heartbeat of Irish music. It is not a favorite instrument with a lot of musicians as too many who cannot play it think they can. I like to comment that the bodhran may be the heartbeat of rish music but too often it needs a triple bypass. The picture below was taken at Tír na nÓg in Somerville, MA which was a magical place for me until a row between the owners destroyed the magic. The weekly session at the Fox and Goose where i used to play is no more but I still play most Sundays at the Starry Plough in Berkeley. I do wish that there was somewhere closer to home though. Here is a link with Information about the bodhran. Given an opportunity I am also given to spoken word performing .. the aforesaid recitations, serious poetry (much of it by my father, Donagh MacDonagh), stories and auld chat. Needless to say I am fond of my pint .. a good pint of draught Guinness is mother's milk - but bottled Guinness is the devil's pee.

My most recent project was getting a major body of tradional Irish songs collected by my Dad in the 40s and 50s up onto a website so that they will be available to a wider audience of singers than now. If at all interested, you can check it out at: Donagh MacDonagh Song Collection

My father was a distinguished poet and playwright. For a link to some of his writing, go here:

The writings of Donagh MacDonagh

Some poetry by and about my grandfather, Thomas MacDonagh.

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