Maybe my parents had something to do with my tall woman fetish. My mother was a full 6" taller than my Dad in her stocking feet. He was 5-0 and a humpback, but one of the most brilliant minds in Ireland in his generation and could dominate a room in a way few men of any height could. Here is a picture of them.

My Fantasies

Everyone has their fantasies - things they do not expect ever to experience, but dream about them nonetheless. First, please understand that these are fantasies, not what I look for. It would be real nice if they happened, but no big deal if they dont.

Fantasy #1

A very tall woman - six feet would be nice .. with another 3 or 4 from heels. Dont ask me why (I am just 5-8) but I would love it. Slow dancing with my head on her shoulder. I had that experience for a while while in my early 20s, but that is so long ago as to be like a fantasy now, not reality.

Fantasy # 2

A woman who dresses to kill - high heels, clingy dress, exposed cleaveage etc. This really has not happened because I have never connected with a woman based on how she dressed. I would love it to happen to me just once, even if it were only for a night of dancing.

Fantasy #3

A woman of a different race. It should not make a difference but I would love to experience that at least once.